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Armed Forces insurance provides the most convenient way to get lower quotes & best auto or home insurance policies for veterans. The AFI is designed to provide those serving the military community with high quality comprehensive services. Despite the specialization, the organization is characterized by a wide range of products that make it a full-scale company which is capable of meeting the insurance requirements of those who are found eligible for the Armed Forces services.

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Auto Insurance. The policies customized by AFI partners feature all things required by state law and cover you, those living with you in your home, your spouse, and all other people who were given the permission to drive your vehicle. Besides the standard features implied by common auto policies, the products offered by AFI include reimbursement of car rentals and services needed in case of emergency (flat tires, dead batteries, towing, etc.).

Home Ins. Military Homeowner Insurance features basic things like property and liability coverage, as well as extras such as replacement cost enhancement, earthquake coverage, special computer coverage, sump pump overflow and water back up endorsement, home day care coverage, teacher’s liability, additional residence occupied by the policyholder, sinkhole collapse coverage, and much more. The full list of extras offered within the Military Homeowner Insurance program is available in the corresponding brochure published on the organization website.

Dwelling Fire policy. This kind of a policy is generally used by those who have homes rented to others or in which people to whom it does not belong live. There are many options, and the plans offered are flexible. According to the AFI brochure, you can cover collapse of building, fires, smoke, malicious mischief, aircraft, riot, weight of ice, snow of sleet, windstorm, freezing of plumbing, and many other cases and things.

Renter protection. Using this policy, you can cover your liability that arises from using someone else’s dwelling, your possessions found within it, and the damage to the dwelling caused by a loss that’s covered under the terms of the policy. Water damage, theft, fire coverage, and other features of a renter’s policy may help you complement the Landlord’s Insurance.

Business ins. Using the services of the numerous partners, AFI is capable of providing insurance to various types of businesses, including startups, ranches, veteran organizations, etc. Among the things covered are professional, product and general liability, Builder’s Risk Insurance, Special Event Insurance, business owner, vehicles and property coverage, and more.

Flood coverage. Since common policies do not cover floods, which are also common in many areas, the need for such a policy may arise. This document enables you to get reimbursement for the items damaged and other losses resulting from floods. AFI flood policies are issued through Wright Flood.

Motorcycle insur. This section is applicable to both motorcycles and ATVs. Standard features like liability, theft, damage coverage, and other common options are included. Among the qualifying ATVs are golf carts, ATVs proper, snowmobiles, UTVs, and trail bikes.

Watercraft policy. PWC and boat coverage is aimed to help you handle the issues resulting from accidents. The basic policy coverage applies to damage due to collision, malicious mischief, sinking, accident, and vandalism. More options enable you to enhance your policy by including the physical damage that has been done to the hull, equipment, machinery, sails, furnishings, and boat trailer (the latter implies damage done as a result of an external cause).

Mobile Home Insurance. AFI offers such policies issued by the Foremost company. The document in question is designed to cover your manufactured or mobile home that is prone to damage that is specific to homes of this kind. Since mobile homes need special coverage, AFI is ready to provide you with custom policies.

Pet Health policies. Unless your cat’s or dog’s condition is pre-existing, you can get covered treatment of your pet which is used in case of vet exams, cancer treatment, breed-specific conditions, surgery, nursing care, diagnostics, special care, and more. As an extra option, you can also cover prescription drugs.

Valuable Items ins. Furs, coins, stamps – there are plenty of things that can make up a valuable collection. AFI offers policies that imply a fixed rate of 9$ per year for each $1,000 of item value, with no deductibles. There are special terms which may apply (for instance, if you want to insure gems), so consult a company representative to find out what options you may use.

Among other services offered to the military are Collector Vehicle ins, Umbrella ins, Motorhome ins, and Condo insurance. Try such policies from Armed Forces or other companies which offer Progressive quotes. It allows make your coverage more profitable, saving on auto, homeowners or other protection types.