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The best car insurance rates depend on the person’s coverage, driving records, location, and other significant circumstances. If every insured person could know them beforehand, he would be able to save money and keep the costs down. Below are the most determining factors that must be evaluated.

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  • Coverage type. The minimum liability insurance supposes the body injury and damage of property, while the maximum coverage includes crashes, unintentional incursion, and other optional plans.
  • Coverage amount. Any person can apply for a legal minimum, but other variants such as a higher amount to cover the price of a car are also possible. Your losses and sum, which you have to pay in case of your fault, are taken into account as well. So, make sure that the coverage will exceed your limits and expenses – that is how the best rates for auto insurance are chosen.
  • Deductible. It is determined by the following scheme: the higher deductible you get, the lower premium you will be offered. Pay attention that deductible is the sum of compensation for damage you pay before the insurance comes in force.
  • Gender, age, and your social status. Insurers have more claims to people under 25, especially men, as they are considered as the most risky. Beginners and teenagers also start with a high rate, but some companies provide profitable discounts, so get to know with them. Married couples, especially with children, are more loyal and attentive on the road and so the rate is lower for them. It may seem unfair to some categories of citizens, but think who will be more aggressive on the road – the person with a child on the back seat or a single guy?
  • Car type. You will be charged more for a new car model of a well-known manufacturer. On the contrary, the rate will be lower in case of an old model bought at not so big sum. Some insurers give proper weigh to the possibility of theft and other similar risks, safety records and approximate repair costs. In other words, a sport car will cost you an imposing sum of money.
  • Driving record. If you qualify a good driving record, you can get special discounts. Insurance companies appreciate those who drive for a long period of time and have the minimum amount of crashes and accidents. If you can’t boast of a good record, you are most likely to be charged more because of violations or accidents happened on account of your guilt.
  • Your place/location. Auto insurance covers all cases occurred on the road, but urban citizens are considered to have worse conditions for coverage. According to the statistical data, accidents happen more often in big cities and metabolizes than in suburbs having practically no traffic jams.
  • Credit history. All insurers always check and pay attention to your credit history as it will define you as a good or bad client. If your score isn’t perfect as you want it to be, you will possibly be asked to pay a high rate. In some cases the person may even get a refusal in auto insurance. So, keep all bills paid on time and don’t violate the driving rules.

Don’t be in panic if you see that many of mentioned above factors are against you and your insurance rates. Still, there are some steps which you can follow in order to save a bit.


Best Rates in States

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The following aspects will assist you reducing the rates and get the most profitable rates in the U.S.:

  • Buy a new car. On the one hand, it may seem a waste of money. On the other hand, an insurance premium will fall if you own a new car. So, think of some possible measures in advance.
  • Get married. As it was already mentioned above, the marriage is a good chance for you to save money and pay less as you turn to the category of reliable and trusty people.
  • Change the address. This situation has also been described above, so while deciding to move somewhere, choose the places which provide you with lower rates. This info is available in insurance companies. For example, you choose between moving to another city or town, which is located not so far from it. Most likely that the rate will be lower in a town.
  • Check the driving record and don’t forget to make changes. If your son or daughter has come out of age, it’s time to insert the changes into your insurance. Don’t forget about this period since these corrections could make great changes in your rates.

What is the best car insurance comparison site? It’s you key to success! It has actually become a great piece of advice to follow. For example, one company offers a high rate for drivers without experience, while another may take this into consideration and render some discounts. Spend some time on comparison and you will find the best variant suitable for you and all members of your family for sure.