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Country Insurance is a modern insurance company with a new approach to process of settlement of insurance claims, which is developing dynamically and constantly improving customer service. Over the years, the company has already gained trust of many customers. Responsible and high-quality work team of Country Insurance confirms its right to be called a reliable insurance partner for auto- and homeowners, which is on time and professionally perform their duties to settle losses upon occurrence of insured events.

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Auto insurance is the most popular type of insurance among consumers, which is definitely associated with a high probability of occurrence of unpleasant and sometimes tragic accidents that have occurred with the use of vehicles. It is not necessary to prove the usefulness and necessity of insurance of vehicles today. Under conditions of intensive auto mobilization of the population, most convincing arguments in favor of insurance are daily information on traffic accidents number and car theft. More and more drivers, hoping for the best, feel more confident on the road with the Country Wide Auto Insurance. Get a free quote, compare auto insurance by zip code and save up to 40%.

The company offers to insure:

  • cars;
  • freight vehicles;
  • buses;
  • motorcycles (except mopeds and quads);
  • trailers and semi-trailers;
  • agricultural and special equipment;
  • additional equipment installed on the vehicle.

Classic contract Country Wide Auto Insurance guarantees the car protection if:

  • Car theft. Misappropriation of means of transport by theft, robbery, robbery attack.
  • Damage because of road accident. Any damage or vehicle destruction and its individual components, or additional equipment because of a traffic accident.
  • The damages owing to other events:
  • illegal actions of third persons;
  • natural disasters (storm, hurricane, tornado, flood, flood, flood, rain, hail, mudslides, earthquakes, shift terrestrial rocks, landslides, subsidence, landslide, avalanche, unusual for this area
  • frosts and heavy snowfalls, the action of groundwater, storms, tsunamis, lightning strike and other extreme natural phenomena);
  • fire or explosion;
  • animal attack;
  • objects falling on the vehicle (trees, snow, ice pillars, billboards).

In addition to fair compensation for each case, the protection of the car Country Wide Auto Insurance includes additional, so-called "comfort options" which saves you time and money in order to cooperate with the insurance company has become as easy as possible.

Buying a house, the owner usually signs a standart property insurance contract, which will protect it from the biggest expenses in case of any trouble. Throughout our lives, we are making great efforts to achieve material well-being. We buy apartments, homes, make repairs, and buy furniture, appliances and other property. However, we do not always think about the fact that only one emergency can shake our financial condition and to nullify all the efforts.

The consequences of fires, natural disasters, accidents, water supply systems, theft can be dire, so Country Home owners Insurance is the best way to protect their property interests. Country Insurance Company insures property owned as private property to an individual and his family who live with him and have a common household, as well as pledge, the rental property:

  • apartments, houses, land plots;
  • household goods.

The company guarantees a financial safety of clients even in the most unexpected circumstances by providing modern insurance services; secure risk management and continuous professional development of staff. Get cheaper quotes from Country insurance, save more on auto or home policies, choose the most affordable offers at the U.S. market.