Home Insurance Benefits

To get Home Insurance means not only to receive the protection of a building, but to make sure of contents safety. Therefore, this policy is provided with a full range of benefits, which are included and offered as standard with no extra charges.

Home Insurance

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Get extra benefits on home insurance
  • Expenses on legal services. If you or your spouse attended such services, the insurance company will be informed in the written form. The concrete sum depends on the lawyer and his rates, but you will return the money you have payed for sure as the repayment always defrays the expenses.
  • Damage of various house equipment. This benefit applies to audio and video gadgets and equipment such as personal computers, DVD and TV sets, mini systems, etc. If the damage was accidental and inadvertent, the insurance policy makes provisions for benefits at the rate of $1,000 and more.
  • Coverage of presents for wedding. It’s a separate aspect of insurance as the company increases the rate at 20% a month before and after the appointed day of wedding.
  • Loss of the credit card. If you experience financial difficulties because of the credit card loss, the insurance company is ready to repay you up to $600. The loss may be caused by the unauthorized use of your data or checks, cards stolen from your house, and other situations happened at your place, which led to money loss.
  • Lock replacement. The company will pay up to $500 in case of external door lock replacement if the keys from your house were stolen, what caused a breaking-in and theft.
  • Charges for fire brigade service. The policy will cover the expenses for fire brigade call. The sum may amount to $1,500 depending on the particular case and caused damage.
  • Loss of central heating. If you suffer from cold because of central heating oil loss or any damages being done on this account, the company will pay about $600 to make you feel comfortable. This sum of money will be enough for repair works.
  • Cover of high-value items. In case if you are a collector of rare and expensive objects or just a happy owner of some valuable reproduction, you would be extremely upset over its loss or spoilage. For this reason, the Home Insurance Policy guarantees to give you 50% of its cost. On the one hand, it won’t return you the costly present or a part of your collection; still, it will cover the contents sum in a way.
  • Compensation of death happened at your house. There are 2 reasons which are considered as included in insurance: a fire or a burglar that has caused such sorrowful circumstances. The maximum amount goes up to $30,000 for your death or the death of your spouse happened in your place within the 3 months from that day.
  • Freezer breakage. If your freezer was broken, what provoked food spoilage and other unpleasant results, including poisoning caused by these products, the policy will give the sum of money amounting to $500.
  • Glass breakage. Insurance covers situations when glass doors or windows and other fixed items are broken (baths, washbasins, bidets, etc). It goes for accidental and unintentional cases.
  • Damage to house. In case of storms, fallen trees, bad weather conditions and some other accidental situations the insurance will compensate all your expenses and damages.
  • Water leak or heating system breakage. This situation always causes serious circumstances and property damages, that’s why the insurance policy will repay the money for corresponding replacement or removal of all items. The repayment at the rate of $650 will be enough to cover water or heating system installation and find the source and reason for this leak or damage. Come large companies provide Farmers quotes on insurance that allow to save on policy.
  • Replacement of title deeds. If they were damaged, stolen or lost on account of water leak, fire, burglary and other similar reasons, they will be replaced at the expense of insurance company. The average sum of money marking out for this amounts to $600.
  • Cleaning services after burglary. After burglary or weather conditions caused a mess in a house you have to ask for cleaning services. The policy takes this responsibility and repay up to $1,500 to make your interior look ideal and brilliant as before.

Are Home Insurance Benefits Taxable?

Home insurance benefits are not taxable in general. When you turn to the insurance company in need of money for replacement, installation or damage removal because of fire, burglary or other accidental cases, you don’t have to pay any taxes. It also refers to the loss of keys, fire brigade call, coverage of high-value items, and other situations mentioned above. The only exemption may apply to insurance claim on invested property, when the revenues from investment appear to be taxable in case if you haven’t spent them on repair works or installation and replacement of damaged items.