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Get the most preferred quotes from Safeway on auto or classic car insurance. This insurer specializes in auto policies. There are no other services, but the A rating proves Safeway insurance company can operate successfully even if its range of products is limited to one field.

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One of the aspects on which the company focuses is affordability. To make auto policies cheap, Safeway has to limit the features included in the basic coverage. It can provide you with minimum insurance required by state law, which will include auto repairs and med expenses. As additional options, you can extend your policy coverage and make it applicable to accidents in which uninsured drivers are involved, to thefts, and to lawsuits which come as a result of an accident.

Safeway claims to be a company which does not refuse to work with those clients whose driving record isn’t flawless. Instead, they emphasize they will do everything they can to help such drivers get an auto policy. Another challenging situation a driver can encounter is obtaining a policy for the first time (for example, an immigrant has to get a policy in the US for the first time, so he has never had any prior insurance). In such cases, Safeway also claims to be an option.

Safeway plans like Prudential imply deductibles. Deductibles may vary, but it is a sum of money you will have to pay in order to qualify for further payments from the company. The plans available are quite flexible, and you can choose a deductible that fits your budget. For instance, if your deductible is $1,000 and the repairing costs make up $3,000, you will have to pay one thousand dollars yourself, and the rest of the cost will be covered by Safeway. It’s up to you what your deductible will be, and you can adjust plan options when purchasing a policy.

Making a Claim

If you happen to need Safeway’s help, you will have to follow certain steps in order to make a claim. After an accident has happened, call the nearest Safeway office and do not forget to specify the following:

  1. Your (or the policyholder’s, if you’re not one) name;
  2. The number of your policy;
  3. Information about the accident: the date, facts (in detail), and location;
  4. Names of all people who were involved in the accident;
  5. Police accident report.

The number that you should call in case of accident is stated on the personal insurance card you own.

After you have called, the company representatives will let your Claims Representative know about what has happened, and he/she will supervise the process. Your car has to be taken to a repair shop, and it should be done by the policyholder. If you cannot arrange the towing (or drive it to the appropriate repair facility if the car can be driven), let the Safeway representatives know about it so that they could help you do it.

When your car is towed to the repair shop, Safeway will assess its condition and calculate the estimate for repairing costs. The next stage is repairing (if your car can still be repaired), but if your vehicle is found to be damaged to such an extent that it cannot be fixed, it will be considered to be a total loss, for which you will be reimbursed money. The company will ask for your permission to remove it, and the process of claim settlement will be initiated.

Some of the Auto Insurance plans offered imply paid rental car. If you have such an option covered, you will be provided resources to pay for renting a car while yours is being fixed. So, companies like Geico insurance or Safeway will let you know what sum of money will be provided on a daily basis and during what period this support will remain.

The repaired auto will be returned to its owner as soon as possible. The same applies to settlement of claims seen in case of a total loss. When the estimate for repairs is calculated, you will be informed about the time it is supposed to take to fix the damaged vehicle. Yet this term may be altered because some spare parts can be difficult to find and it takes time to deliver them to a repair shop.

Safeway also takes care of liability investigation and analyzes all the documents related to the event such as police reports, accident reports, witness statements, photos, and so on.

Sometimes it appears that more damage was dealt to the car than it had been estimated, so more time may be needed. In such cases, the company representative will ask for your permission to continue the work.

Safeway also runs its own satellite website where you can make insurance payments online. Using your Safeway ID Card, you can access your account, manage your policy, and contact the company representatives. You can even manage automatic payments to make sure your premiums will always be paid on time. The system accepts various payment methods, so paying for your policy is supposed to be convenient and easy. Besides, you can check your claims status there.